Truths Told on the Three Biggest Promo Product Myths

Mar 04

Myth #1 – All Our Promo Items Just Get Thrown In The Trash!

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Heathered Accessories: Hot Swag Trend Continues in 2019

Feb 27

Nothing new to the fashion industry, heathered fabrics have been nabbing attention for the past decade and they remain as popular as ever coming...

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The Best Lunch Containers to Promote your Brand

Feb 22

Good for the wallet, the waistline and the environment, bringing lunch from home has long been known for it's benefits over eating out.  From...

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What is Prop 65? Your Questions Answered

Feb 01

Don’t worry, Prop 65 isn’t something to fret over! We did a little behind-the-scenes work to figure out what it’s all about. If you live in...

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Custom Desk Accessories: Our Top Swag for 2019

Jan 25

What if it were possible to be in front of each of your clients every single day?  Logic tells us it's physically impossible.  So what can you do...

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The Best Wellness Promotional Products for 2019

Jan 16

"Finish your veggies, take the stairs, drink water, exercise daily...", we've all heard these golden nuggets to leading a healthy life.  Just as...

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The Top Home & Kitchen Promotional Products to Boost your Brand

Nov 27

Often overlooked in the business world, home and kitchen items make exceptional promotional products!  What better way to stay top of mind for...

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Smart Home Promo Items: Make Your Brand a Household Name

Nov 12

The latest technology has brought us smart home devices, those handy gadgets that make our lives simpler, boost energy efficiency, save us money...

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Understand Imprint Color Terms In Just 3 Minutes!

Nov 06

As you’re reading blogs and looking at promotional products online you’re probably nodding fervently as if you know what color terms we’re talking...

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Everything You Need To Know About Set Up Charges & Additional Fees When Ordering Promo Products

Nov 06

Is your head swirling with confusing terms or charges? It's okay.... a lot of our customers ask similar questions to the ones you're wondering...

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